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We offer framing adaptor systems in black, white and custom stains. All assist in mounting gates with little to no damage to your wall or decorative banisters. Some of our custom solutions are for both indoor and outdoor. We protect balcony staircases, verandas, patios, decks and pool and water safety. We even offer safety for pets. 

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We offer a damage-free approach when locking cupboards. Concealed solutions with magnetic locks. They lock effortlessly and ensure that they keep little fingers on the move-out! We block off kitchen cabinets, toilets, and garbage bins. Our goal for clients is to limit all access to restricted areas in a home.

Magnetic lock.jpeg


Our home safety assessment will provide a deeper understanding of the project at hand. A room-by-room overall scan identifying all potential safety risks. A final check-list and report are given along with a list of products that can be easily adapted.

Childproofing kit.jpg


We provide solutions to cover plug covers in your electrical outlets safely. Ensure that all wires are correctly labeled and concealed to avoid nasty trips and injuries. 

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Our system of anti-tip straps anchor neatly and support tipping objects safely. During a home assessment, we can determine what required anti-tip straps to avoid all accidents. 



Most baby gates on the market do not necessarily install easily with the provided hardware. Custom adapters are often required. We correctly install gates using a variety of custom methods that conform to baby proofing standards and integrate well with your home design. All that must be baby proofed in your home, we can do. From mount gates, cupboard locks and drawer latches, to securing electrical outlets, applying foam edging to furniture and correctly securing your furniture to the walls.

The reasons to have it done by a professional include peace of mind, no damage, a clean aesthetic look and guarantee for the quality of work.

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